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The Future Company is a global No. 1 company
that leads the latest trends in the Metaverse world.
Meet a new world with Metaverse2 service.

The Future Company is a global No. 1 company that leads the latest trends in the Metaverse world. Meet a new world with Metaverse2 service.

  • The Future Company leads change for an innovative future.


The constant challenge is to create new things. Always thinking about new things and challenging the unknown is the driving force behind creating new things by bringing infinite creativity.



Approach everything completely new. In order to achieve what others say is impossible, we approach and create everything in development from a new perspective to achieve products that are ahead of our time.



The real fun is going beyond all the limitations. We think fun should transcend nationality, ethnicity, age, and gender. That's why we're constantly researching to make it fun for people all over the world.

eon-dong Kim Advisor Img
Seon-dong Kim Adviser

    Educational History

  • 1986~1988

    Korea University Graduate School, Master of Science in Political Science, Major in International Politics

  • 1982~1986

    Bachelor of Science in Political Science and International Relations, Korea University


  • 2020.9~2020.10

    People's Power Secretary General

  • 2020.6~2020.9

    General Secretary of the United Future Party

  • 2020.2~2020.5

    Member of the 20th National Assembly (Seoul Dobong-gu/Future Integration Party)

  • 2017.2~2017.12

    Liberal Democratic Party's floor leader

  • 2017.2~2020.2

    Member of the 20th National Assembly (Dobong-gu, Seoul/Liberal Korea Party)"

  • 2016.12~2017.2

    Deputy floor leader of the Saenuri Party

  • 2016.5~2017.2

    Member of the 20th National Assembly (Dobong-gu, Seoul/Saenuri Party)

  • 2013.3~2013.9

    Secretary to the President for Political Affairs

  • 2012.2~2012.5

    Member of the 18th National Assembly (Dobong-gu, Seoul/Saenuri Party)

  • 2008.5~2012.2

    "Member of the 18th National Assembly (Dobong-gu, Seoul/Hannara Party)

Ki-seung Jeong Advisor Img
Ki-seung Jeong Adviser

    Educational History

  • Doctor of Law, Graduate School of Hanyang University


  • 2021~

    Chairman of the Korea Quality Foundation

  • 2021~

    Professor Daewoo of Business Administration, Hanyang University

  • 2018

    KTB Asset Management Vice Chairman

  • 2016

    KTB Investment & Securities Audit Committee Chairman

  • 2014

    A full-time auditor of Hyundai Securities

  • 2013

    Special Professor of Business Administration at Hanyang University

  • 2012

    Vice Chairman of I.M Investment & Securities Co., Ltd

  • 2010

    President of Smart Savings Bank

  • 2006

    Full-time Audit Committee member of Shinhan Investment Corp

  • 2004

    Director of the Financial Supervisory Service's Banking Supervisory Bureau

  • 2002

    Director of the New York Office of the Financial Supervisory Service

  • 2000

    Director of the Financial Supervisory Service's Non-Banking Supervisory Bureau

  • 2000

    Director-General of the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Financial Supervisory Service

  • 1999

    Head of the Management Analysis Office of the Financial Supervisory Service

  • 1998

    Financial Supervisory Commission Integrated Planning Office

Kyung-ah Choi Advisor Img
Kyung-ah Choi Professor

    Educational History

  • Doctor of Sports Science, Graduate School of Sungkyunkwan University

  • Bachelor of Social Sports, Ewha Woman's University


  • Director-General of J Forum, JoongAng Ilbo Economic Research Institute

  • Full-time professor, dean of the Department of Sports Health Management, Seoul Ho Arts College

  • MBC Sports Planning and Production Department Commentator

  • Director of the National Sports Association

  • an advisor to the Korea Yacht Association

  • Director of the Korea Sports Psychological Association

  • Special Researcher, Kawasaki Medical Welfare University, Japan

  • Outside Director of the International Yoga Association

  • Vice Chairman of the Seoul Sports Federation

  • Referee of the Korea Gymnastics Association

  • Director of Advanced Korea Sports Federation, Seoul

  • Judge of the Korea Dance Sports Education Association

  • Professor of Sangmyung University Lifelong Education Center

  • Professor of Social Education at Myongji University

Seong-jun Park Advisor Img
Seong-jun Park Professor

    Educational History

  • Doctor of Cryptography, Department of Information Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University

  • Bachelor of Mathematics at Hanyang University


  • Chairman of the Information Protection Research Committee of the Korean Blockchain Society under the Ministry of Science and ICT

  • National Standards Commissioner for TTA Blockchain

  • Director of Blockchain Research Center, Graduate School of International Information Protection, Dongguk University

  • Former Director of the Blockchain Open Forum Technology Development/Information Protection Division under the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning

  • Former expert member of the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs' intelligent mid-term plan establishment team (blockchain)

  • A former senior researcher at the Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute

  • Former head of the Korea Information Protection Center-based technology team

  • Former CEO of BCCure Co., Ltd

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our great skills










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  • The Future Company provides a variety of experiences and satisfaction.

metaverse2 logo Metaverse is a "next-generation - global platform" that transcends the real world.

Metaverse has the advantage of overcoming the limitations of physical space, so it expands the offline experience to virtual space. In the metaverse, users can create their own characters and establish and operate virtual cities and countries, which eliminates the boundaries between reality and virtuality. You can achieve anything in various areas of industry and daily life, such as meetings, education, performances, marketing and shopping, and medical care, without restrictions on location and time.


Metaverse is a virtual world, so it can be seen as an IT service, and the key is that people can meet, communicate, and engage in economic activities in a virtual world. As new payment methods such as virtual currency are emerging and economic, activities take place within metaverse services, it is no exaggeration to say that this is no longer a virtual world but a second earth that is the same as the real world.

In the future, tourism and travel will also be conducted online. If we want to go to tourist attractions or attractions in Seoul and New York, we can travel in the virtual world, seeing tourist attractions in Seoul and New York in the world of Metaverse2.

Already lifestyles around the world are changing so that people can doing in offline activities in the virtual world, So the metaverse industry will grow rapidly.


Members of metaverse2 are experiencing the ever-growing metaverse industry and also enjoy all the benefits of using metaverse in the world of Metaverse2. The core of Metaverse2 is to be able to engage in economic activities in the same way as the real world. And the landmark in Metaverse2 will become the only irreplaceable digital asset (NFT), and scarcity and value will continue to rise over time.



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  • Let me introduce you to the talent of The Future Company.